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The Revelation of Jesus Christ: part 1 -

The Revelation of Jesus Christ: part 1 -  Subscribe to the Basic Bible Reading podcast, on your mobile device. Chapter 1 The Revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave him so that his servants might have knowledge of the things which will quickly take place: and he sent and made it clear by his angel to his servant John; Who gave witness of the word of God, and of the witness of Jesus Christ, even of all the things which he saw. A blessing be on the reader, and on those who give ear to the prophet’s words, and keep the things which he has put in the book: for the time is near. John to the seven churches which are in Asia: Grace to you and peace, from him who is and was and is to come; and from the seven Spirits which are before his high seat; And from Jesus Christ, the true witness, the first to come back from the dead, and the ruler of the kings of the earth. To him who had love for us and has made us clean from our sins by his blood; And has made us to be a kingdom and pri

Letter to Hebrews: part 2

Letter to Hebrews: part 2 -  Subscribe to the Basic Bible Reading podcast, on your mobile device. Chapter 9 Now the first agreement had its rules of worship, and a holy order. For the first Tent was made ready, having in it the vessels for the lights and the table and the ordering of the bread; and this is named the holy place. And inside the second veil was the place which is named the Holy of holies; Having a vessel of gold in it for burning perfumes, and the ark of the agreement, which was covered with gold and which had in it a pot made of gold for the manna, and Aaron’s rod which put out buds, and the stones with the writing of the agreement; And over it were the winged ones of glory with their wings covering the mercy-seat; about which it is not possible now to say anything in detail. Now while these things were in existence, the priests went into the first Tent at all times, for prayer and the making of offerings. But only the high priest went into the second, once

Letter to Hebrews: part 1 -

Letter to Hebrews: part 1 -   Subscribe to the Basic Bible Reading podcast, on your mobile device. Chapter 1 In times past the word of God came to our fathers through the prophets, in different parts and in different ways; But now, at the end of these days, it has come to us through his Son, to whom he has given all things for a heritage, and through whom he made the order of the generations; Who, being the outshining of his glory, the true image of his substance, supporting all things by the word of his power, having given himself as an offering making clean from sins, took his seat at the right hand of God in heaven; Having become by so much better than the angels, as the name which is his heritage is more noble than theirs. To which of the angels did God say at any time, You are my Son, this day I have given you being? or, I will be his Father, and he will be my Son? And again, when he is sending his only Son into the world, he says, Let all the angels of God give him wo

Gospel of Mark: part 3

Gospel of Mark: part 3  -  Subscribe to the Basic Bible Reading podcast, on your mobile device. Chapter 11 And when they came near to Jerusalem, to Beth-phage and Bethany, at the Mountain of Olives, he sent two of his disciples, And said to them, Go into the little town opposite: and when you come to it, you will see a young ass with a cord round his neck, on which no man has ever been seated; let him loose, and come back with him. And if anyone says to you, Why are you doing this? say, The Lord has need of him and will send him back straight away. And they went away and saw a young ass by the door outside in the open street; and they were getting him loose. And some of those who were there said to them, What are you doing, taking the ass? And they said to them the words which Jesus had said; and they let them go. And they took the young ass to Jesus, and put their clothing on him, and he got on his back. And a great number put down their clothing in the way; and others pu